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Drawing of inventor Granville Woods next to a 1920s style telephone

Our name “Granville Brothers” is a derivation of "Granville Woods", the name of  an American inventor who, reportedly, had a sense of “style”.  

He lived from 1856 to 1910 and used his intellect and sense of innovation to design, manufacture, and improve items like tunnel construction equipment, automatic braking systems, an egg incubator, and for improvements to other technologies such as the safety circuit, the telegraph, the telephone, and phonograph

Over the course of his lifetime, Granville Woods obtained more than 50 patents for his inventions. Sometimes referred to as the “Black Edison”, he died on January 30, 1910, at Harlem Hospital in New York City. 

Granville Brothers is a unique, premium men’s online retailer with an emphasis on style and customer service. We pride ourselves in selling high-quality, North American-made products as well as Fair Trade imported goods from around the world. 

We curate all of the items we sell with, like Granville Woods, an eye towards creative style and innovation. All of our suppliers ship from the USA to ensure timely delivery and excellent customer service.

We are owned and operated by 40NewportUSA, LLC and can be reached via mail at:

40NewportUSA, LLC

14175 W. Indian School Rd, Ste B4-449

Goodyear, AZ 85395, USA

1-623-535-1961 (for inquiries)